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Instantdaylite 1470 Description Instantdaylite
The basic product consists of a flat box measuring 1470 x 1470 x 120 mm made of white powder coated sheet metal and containing a total of 12 tubes TL 5 HO 54 W each. They are distributed evenly across the central area covered with a highly polished chromed grid from ALC louver which eliminates any kind of glare while directing the light through parabolic openings evenly downwards. On four sides this is complemented by so called Linear Light panels which project light upwards towards curved mirrored screens which give the luminaire a sort of halo all around and illuminate the ceiling onto which INSTANTDAYLITE° is fastened.

An alternative screen consists of a white synthetic mesh material which lets UV rays not through and resembles in its effect an overcast wintersky.

In all four corners adjustable downlights MR 16 are incorporated which are activated in the evening to create an ambient light atmosphere with various dimmable settings.

INSTANTDAYLITE° 1470 is operated by handheld remote control. All three circuits can be adressed individually and dimmed according to the users requirements. The remote control is also available as a wall panel powered by batteries.

INSTANTDAYLITE° is packed individually in a sturdy box and is to be complemented by the tubes which are available directly from us.

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